Dispenser controller CON-24DI

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Product Description

The CON-24DI is a CNG dispenser controller board. It has the logic and power interfaces to simultaneously and independently control two filling hoses.

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  • End of dispatch indicator (light and sound)
  • One or two displays per filling hose
  • Keypad, pressure switch, temperature, pressure transducers, security systems
  • RS-485 Communication (MODBUS and CORITEC Protocol)
  • One, two or three gas lines
  • Works with solenoid valves or pneumatic actuators
  • In case of power blackout, the battery allows to show the data on the display
  • Inputs for security systems
  • Up to two pressure transducers per filling hose
  • Serial port allows to read and write ID devices
  • Remote access: Change the price, view the totalizer, keep a change log
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