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Flow Computer MDS

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Product Description

The CORITEC MDS Flow Computer is a device designed to control, measure and manage fuel dispatches, such as gasoline, GLP, CNG and other fluids.

In conjunction with DS-600 and DS-1200 flow meters, solenoid valves, actuators and other accessories, the MDS Flow Controller makes the process automatic. CORITEC DS Meters guarantee excellent measurement accuracy and are widely used and proved in the field of CNG.

The MDS Flow Controller keeps a log of dispatches. It can identify the user/vehicle with technologies such as iButtons or RFID tags to manage dispatch authorization.

A printout with dispatch information and a history of transactions can be obtained with a compatible Bluetooth wireless printer.

The user can connect a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth to download the information and to configure the device.

The generated reports can be checked on the display, printed, downloaded with a PC o sent to an online management system using an Internet connection.

The device can be configured with a password-protected menu and/or a computer.

The ability to update the firmware on the field allows adding new features on equipment that is already installed.

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  • Dispatch log.
  • Process control.
  • Support for wireless printer.
  • Bluetooth wireless interface to connect to laptop or smart phone.
  • Sturdy metallic enclosure
  • Graphical dot matrix display protected by a 6 mm thick glass
  • 4-button capacitive touch keypad
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