CNG dispenser calibration and verification

Master Meter Instrument CDS-600

  • NGV Master Meter
  • CDS-600
  • Use of master meter
  • Prove of accuracy prover
  • Bluetooth-printer-accuracy-prover
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Product Description

The CORITEC CDS-600 Dispenser Accuracy Prover is a portable device for dispenser calibration and verification.

Connected between the CNG dispenser and the vehicle, the calibrating case accurately measures the gas that flows into the vehicle cylinder.

The portable CNG Master Meter eliminates the need of scales allowing easier maintenance of all dispensers in a filling station. In addition, gas venting is avoided during the calibration process.

The Calibration and Verification software is available for PC, tablet and smartphone and helps the user during the calibration routine. The Bluetooth interface allows the user to work with the master meter instrument directly from the phone or PC.

Support for Bluetooth printer allows the user to get a printout with calibration procedure details.

The CDS-600 Dispenser Accuracy Prover has a DS-600 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter to measure the gas flow.

The aluminum and stainless steel case is very robust and at the same time very lightweight, weighting only 14 kg (31 lbs). In addition, the compact dimensions of 690x340x190 mm (28x14x8 in) allow easier transportation and shipping via any air cargo or any ground shipping company.

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  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Sturdy aluminum and stainless steel enclosure
  • Graphical dot matrix display protected by a 6 mm thick glass
  • 4-button capacitive touch keypad
  • Battery operation
  • Standard hose connectors
  • Battery saving mode
  • Variables: mass, flow rate, pressure, temperature, totalizer, dispatch counter, battery voltage
  • Certificate of approval of IEC 60079-0 (Explosive atmospheres Part 0: Equipment - General) and IEC 60079-11 (Explosive atmospheres Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i")
  • Bluetooth wireless interface to connect to laptop or smart phone.
  • Support for wireless printer.
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